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>> this is the fox. tonight we know the name of a hiro nave i seal who died in a tragic training accident. the member . famed seal 6 . new armed conflict on the world's most dangerous border and 30,000 americans act as a trip wire. if a worst case scenario becomes a reality. democracy threatened on the korean peninsula. the communist north saying it is in a state of war with south korea and american allice. decades of war and new concerns that it will slip to
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battle and there are nuclear weapons on that peninsula. fox reports and the white house is now responding. also thousands of people potentially expose forced to get tested for deadly diseases all bye because one man, their dentist was reportedly dirty . in minutes waiting to learn the fate of their health. you talking to me? >> you talking to me? >> they are not talking. they are fighting. i am harris faulkner. new threats from north korea it is a state of war south korea and warning that it will shut down the complex that is the latest major symbol of cooperation. the korean war ended in 1953 with a cease fire and not a peace treaty. a difference, a demilitarized zone separates them.
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u.s. troops are in the south 28,000 and the white house with reaction that talk of war is not constructive and the white house is taking it serious tensions are increasing since north korea new leader kim jong-un ordered a zeries of nuclear testing. it the third such test . it breached the united nations sanctions. our government condemn would that launch and calling it a provocative move . yesterday kim jong-un signing a order putting the missile units on stand by. his plan naming certain u.s. cities as targets. he said it is in response to the u.s. military flying two stealth bombers. u.s. officials said the test
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was part of the annual military training exercises that was going on since march 1st and aimed at reassuring the allies we stand ready to protect them. >> north korea said it is the final warning. the state run media broadcasting the young leader's message with a state of war. >> from this time on, the north/south relations will enter into a state of the war and all issues raised between the north and south will be handle would accordingly. the state of neither peace or war has entered in the peninsula. >> the white house said the national security council responding to the belinge rent behavior and releasing a statement. we take these seriously and remain in close contact with the south korea allis and north korea has a long history
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of threats and today's announcement follows that pattern. the complex remains open and includes dozens of manufacturing plants in the border of north or south korea. south korea leader said the threat is unhelpful to the unstablerilations and the young leader continuous his chest poundings rhetoric . the state department officials say that the decision to send the b2 bombers was part of the a normal exercise. it is believed that north korea does not have missile technology but capable of targeting selected u.s. military bases and countries those regions. >> elizabeth, you bring up the point that kim jong-un's
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decision hurt his people in the process. how and north korea's talk of war affect thingy i troops on the border there. >> hare- here's more from the general. turning to the role in afghanistan. our role is winding down after a decade of war. u.s. special forces turning over one of their key bases to afghan control. the withdrawal satisfying the demands from karzai that all u.s. special forces leave the area and transfer control to afghans of the prison. that houses most taliban fightsers and insurgent in the country. all of this is a part of the drawn ow done of forces. most of our combat troops
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scheduled to be out by 2014. we know the identity of a navy seal killed in a training exercise. bret shadle was a highly decorated member of seal team six. the same unit that carried out the raid on osama bin laden. no word if shadle took part. he died after colliding midair with another seal in a training air park in southeastern arizona. the other unidentified member remain tucson hospital. gov divov jan brewer ordered flags flown at half-staff to honor shadle. >> new pressure on the obama administration to approve the key stone pipe line. it would deliver hundred of thousands of barrels of oil from canada to refineries in the gulf coast.
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supporters say it would lower our dependency on northern oil. this week's gop address congressman lee terry said the pipe line passed environmental reviews in the state. he said the time to build is now. >> the pele in the congress have strollen, and the experts have weighed in and now is the time to build key stone pipe line. no delays and politics. congress is prepared to act if the president drags his feet. >> james has more. >> harris, good evening, two weeks remains in a 45 day period of public comment on the latest environmentam impact study . midapril, the ball will be back in the obama administration's court. portions. 875 mile pipe line are built and portion held up by the
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obama administration citing environmental concerns and the pipe line would actually be the second of two and bring on line 830,000 barrels of crude oil a day. >> it is more than 1600 days since the initial permits were file would for building the pipe line. it took the united states a little more than aring you to win world war ii and took louis and clark to walk the louisiana purchase and back. >> on friday, the environmental protection agency proposed new levels on sulphur emissions from tail pipes. it would take in to affect in 2017 and the average of a car could rise ever $130. it would sach 20 billion in annual healthcare costs. the trade off between less
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than a penny increase for gasoline for tens was thousands fewer cases like asmain children and thousands of lives saved is an indication they have done a lot of work and analysis. there will be an opportunity for public comment and we'll work with industry and revenue stake hold ares to put a policy. >> the new rules could cost nine cents a gallon at pump and add to pollution lempings. >> they are working extra day to bring that story. james, we appreciate it >> right now thousands of people living with a terrible uncertainty. they went to a dentist who potentially exposed them to deadly diseases. noup we saw the long lines. earlier today. some of those people lining up
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to take medicals. what are doctors looking for infections like hepatitis c and hiv. we are learning how long they will take to get the test resultings . a pilot falls to his death 2500 feet in the air. we learned how he was ejected from the plane. stay close.
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>> a student pilot in tennessee ejected from his plane. a search. the zodiac lost control in chat and going into a nose dive. no one on board was wearing a seat belt. the man tossed from the plane fell 2500 feet below.
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the instructor gained control and managed to land it they used cell phone pinging to find the man's body. now there is an investigation. >> hundreds of people lining up to find out if they were expose tod a deadly virus or something. if they got hiv or hepatitis c. letters went out yesterday to 7000 people all of them patients of wayne scott harington over the past 16 months. a complaint filed against him for unsanity offices. officials say one of his patients tested positive for hepatitis c. there is it a lot of concern about who else may have been exposed. >> this was a nervous know saturday. >> even those tested are not going to know what the results were. it could take as long as three
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weeks and one. scary things here authorities admit it is tough to determine just how big this problem is. the officials tested 420 former patients and not clear how many were treated by the doctor. they sent oud 7000 warning leaders based on the medical records. those files go back to the year 2007. he's been in practice 37 years and impossible to say how many former patients might be at risk and not know it since the healthcare erupted dr. harington has not spoke. a local news crew tried to talk to him. >> hi, there dr. harington. >> i have no comment. >> dr. harington you would to speak to us. >> we might hear from him next month. that is when he scheduled a hearing that will determine
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whether or not his certification will be revoked. the state officials have any indication he may not be following the procedures? you say he was in practice for decades. >> one of the disturbing things, up until last week. oklahoma dentistry report said there no reason to inspect dr. harington's. the agency like his counter parts in other states, does not do routine inspections instead it looks at things like missing drugs and sexual misconduct. patients have to look out for themselves and one thing to keep an eye on is basic san tarry procedure. >> making sure your doctor used gloves and the way he used the instruments and they have to open the sterilized package in front . you. >> there is good news in the
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disturbing story. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, there are only three documented cases of a patient catching hiv or hepatitis c from a dental procedure. and the big question on the minds of so many will that statistic change as the test results return? >> does that include the one that happened with the doctor? >> no, just to be clear. the incident is a patient who had hip hep, it is not clear whether or not he caught it from the doctor. >> so now that is the thing. so they test everybody. >> they went to the doctor to see if he caught it from the dentist office. >> the testing is not over? >> it is just beginning and resumes again on monday. >> thank you very much. crews in arkansas cleaning up after a oil pipe erupted >> defendant: exxon mobile pipe line struck a leak in
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mayflower north of little rock. people who live in the 22 homes near by were told to get out. still no word on what caused the spill. >> trying to gain acess to a natural cut off from a natural disaster. maybe you have seen the pictures. washington state it is impossible to reach the houses. crews are trying and a bigger question is what comes next to the homes that are on shaky . also the shroud ofaturin, -- of turin guessing on public display. some thinks it held the body of crise. is it a relic for you or for the catholic church and today pope francis weighs in.
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call 877-242-usaa.
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>> pope francis and his first easter vigil mass at the vatican. ♪ [ singing ] >> the pope, marking the occasion by baptizing newly converted catholic negligence a down sized mass which he shortened to make it more simple. he entered the silent st. peter's basilic and and shared his handle with others until the basilica twinkle. the mood between the good friday and eastern resurrection. beautiful. >> and meanwhile pope francis calling the shroud of turin an
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icon than a relic for the catholic church. the shroud went on public display. for centuries catholics believed it is the burial clothe of jesus. the sloud dates back to around jesus' death. but experts are standing by carbon test that date it to the 13 or 14th century. >> there is it a massive land slide in washington state. crews built a crude foot path to gain acess. one house flunged in the future sound on wednesday. 30 others were evacuate of those houses one has been condemned and more than a dozen can't be reached. look how beautiful it is there. geoologist are trying to figure out how much worse it
4:24 pm
would get and can they stop it from happening. we pray about this but really, what can you do? >> geoh,ologist are going to do drilling test to see how sound that soil is. scientist of natural resources described it as a deep theater. and the earth has been shifting a decade and part of what hay call a larger land slide and that could date back 11,000 and means it would be inevitable that the part of the island would cave in to the water. no one knows when. the emergency department are making progress. there is water that reconnected to the homes and no power yet. the real saving grace, dry and sunny for the next week and out of the character for washington state. take a listen. >> this is washington and we
4:25 pm
are known for our wet weather and water combined with dirt usually requestses mud. the weather is helping to try out enough so we can make an appropriate trail that is safe. >> and that will be a real relief to the homeowners who are desperate to see what is done to their property, harris. >> you can you imagine going back and living in those places? >> yeah, we don't know yet. it looks like property owners are facing a hefty bill. indications that regular home insurance doesn't cover the land slide and considered an act of god. that costs will rise, harris. back to you. >> water, land and mud. we get it.
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30,000 americans ready to go in a moment's notice should south korea come under attack from the north. tensions are running high as pyonggang threatens that. what would happen if if your men and women would be in harm's way. >> you might be outraged if this happened to someone you love. a mom speaking out after another parent slapped her son across the face. he had be bandaged. >> i know my child doesn't look like her child. on what was her problem? how did she get mixed up? as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy,
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mtime now for the top of the news and a new threat from north korea and the white house taking it seriously. the korean peninsula has entered in a state of war kim jong-un said. they have threatened to dut down a warehouse. they have been in a technical war for 60 years now since the korean war ended with a cease
4:31 pm
fire and no official peace treaty. threats by the north and south korean government is common in recent weeks and days. still the statement is a pattern of belaicose rhetoric. james rosen are doing double duty for us. james? >> harris, the spokesman for the white house or state department are asked what north korea is doing. the response is we try to get in the leaders of pyonggang. few are as isolate said as those like kim jong-un. two million north koreans have starved to death and the regime is pouring the resources in the development of nuclear. they have a militarized device and suggested that the dprk
4:32 pm
could be ready to strike the u.s. with an intercontinental missile. aides know that north korea receive 45 percent of the food and 90 percent of the energy reports and so for the moment the administration like the predecessors remains hopeful that beijing ask exexert impact. time is not now on our side. harris. >> and thank you for more on we'll bring in bob scale who is a fox military an limpt. >> hi, harris. >> when you hear state of war and as a former general who led troops in battle what does it many to you. >> it depends. in the case of north korea the rhetoric has been going on every spring. the wild card and what has
4:33 pm
people dinnered is who it is coming from. it is coming from kim jong-un as you said. 28 year old socio path who know one understands. he's sacked many of the senior generals and had some of them killed and while this rhetoric continues as in the past, the big unknown is the shrillness and pronouncements about declaring war on the united states. this is a pattern of behavior different than past years and has a great many people concerned. >> i wonder why the white house would respond on the saturday. it got bizarre. it got specific this week. austin, texas, los angeles on the short los angeles for kim jong-un to take aim at? why? >> it is it all a war of words. it is one set of the escalating verbiage and that
4:34 pm
is the game we have played the last few weeks. look. the american people should be assured absent that map seen on fox. the north koreas have any ability to strike the united states. the fear is that they will strike the south on an island and fire rounds and perhaps do a special forces raise by midget submarines and the south will react with a greater escalation and the north may respond in kind and the fear is through miscalculation can spin out of control. >> we saw the u.s. moving asset and routine annual military exercises with the b2 bombers and is the pentagon sending north korea a message? >> they are trying to. the exercise called full eagle
4:35 pm
occurs every spring and it is quite often that the u.s. will bring in marines and bombers and other forces to participate in that exercise. the north koreans understand b52 and b-2. we used the bombers before and after the axe cutting incident and north koreans reacted to that in a matter that everyone found surprising. they are afraid of us and our nuclear power . they know there is no way to win the conventional war. they want to keep the regime in power. >> you bring up china . i want to talk about it russia this week had said itmented what the u.s. and north korea
4:36 pm
to back away from the table and show restraint. i didn't hear anything publicly from china, where are they on this? >> it is interesting. all . indications that we have recently, north korea's great friend the chinese is getting frustrated with the koreans almost as much as we are. they want stability in the peninsula and don't want a massive flood of fredge fredge refugeeses . by the same token they view themselves as socialist partners and they are trying to do a balancing act to dampen down the level of violence, but at the same time they are deal the same guy kim jong-un . the chinese haven't figured out how to deal with this guy. >> let's talk readiness. 28,000 american troops there in south korea and kim jong-un turned 30 years old in
4:37 pm
january. people are saying they don't know him as well as they know his dad. he doesn't have that track rorted. how concerned are you that he might feel compelled to do in order not to lose face. how ready are our troop to deal with it. remember the response will probably come from the south. it will take possibly take bombardment and attack on south korean natural vessels and it could come in many different ways. it is unlikely that the north will launch a full scale war. they know they can't win. what happened in the past, you remember with the sinking of the ship and bombardment of the off shore islands they will try to do a provoking
4:38 pm
act, but the difference is that the south koreans willond , harris. >> major general bob scales helping us to get perspective and read through the rhetoric that is happening. have a great holiday weekend, sir. >> same to you, harris. >> now the financial crisis in cyprus. we are learning new details about the bail out that saved the country from. coming from a. depositers will lose 60 percent of the savings over $128,000 and if you have that amount in the bank account you will lose 60 percent and they will not get it back. tough terms and indicate it is it a hub for off shore banking are over're could trigger greater job losses. in that country people fearing
4:39 pm
it would spread like a disease in europe. update on the healthev former south african president nelson man del. a. he had a procedure to remove fluid froms had lungings. he's been in and out of the hospital. most identity arely in the hospital on wednesday. it is his third time since november. the current president asking people to keep the apartheid leader in their prayers. >> there is a growing security crisis. an african country overrun. this is followed by days of wide spread violence. the state department victoria newland condemning thes of humanitarian groups and hospitals say nothing part. the united states is deeply
4:40 pm
concerned about the serious deterioration in the security station in the central african republic. that country is one of the poorest spite vast resources like gold and diamonds and uranium. a man with a gun, and grenades atalks a school in a ceremony. pakistan pchildren, between the ages of 8-10 gathered outside of their school to receive prizes. suddenly there was two grenade and opened fire. the principal died and six children were wounded. the attacker got away. china, a team of 2000 people searching for survivors after a massive land slide in a gold mine in tibet. more than 80 workers were
4:41 pm
sleeping when it happened and believed to be trapped inside of the mind. heavy equipment brought in to help rescue them. in night temperatures deep below freezing. >> belgium. thousands of people protesting job cuts in the streets. in january and february, two major employers announced plans for a cut back. those plans threatening 2700 jobs. bobbosnia. >> a group much nuns converting their home in a work shop and decorating hundreds of eags and using leaves and wax and thread and laxlace. it goes to children in the neighborhood. that's a wrap. of the hunt is on for a cold blooded bugular how he broke
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>> fox weather alert on easter eve. tough news. severe thunderstorms in the plains and south and a tornado warning that expired moments ago. that is good newings there. is always a potential of more of that . watching it is accuweather meteorologist andrew. >> thank you and good evening. i wish i could talk about all sunshine in the nation. severe thunderstorm watch is multiple in effect and one in
4:46 pm
eastern kansas and wichita and southwestern missouri . another one in northern louisiana allowed to expire and another one popped up on the border of texas and north . dallas-fort worth . we have seen a history of the large hail and damaging wind gusts of 60 miles per hour and more to continue where the watches are . one on the bother of northern texas and oklahoma extends to 1:00 a.m. central time. this will be in the eastern weather north of the interstate 10 . east of the dallas-fort worth . in the midatlantic tonight and tomorrow morning and it will reach the i-95 corridor and baltimore and philadelphia and new york throughout the
4:47 pm
afternoon . behind that much colder air in the plains and midwest. back to you. >> the eastern bunny is going to neal a chill later in the day. good to see you, thank you. >> an elderly woman refuse to back down when a man breaks in her home. the top story in the fox trip across america. >> ohio, she was home alone and grabbed her gun when she heard the front door rattle and the window break. she warned the man to leave and fired a shot. she missed but it got his attention. she ordered him to the ground and called 911. >> you hear him in the house? >> i have him in the kitchen here. >> what do you mean he's in the kitchen. >> you have a weapon on him? >> yes, i do. >> at one point the woman 72 years old told the suspect that he broke into the wrong
4:48 pm
house. looks like he did. police arrested him and he faces burglary and drug charges. >> california, another cold blooded burglary and stealing reptilings. he uses a cinder block to break in a children's book. he stole a lizard and bea. >> he pulled them out and we were looking for blood. >> one child recognizes the thief and telling police. they found the lizard wandering around. but the suspect and the snakings are still at large. maryland, a 15 year old boy waist deep in the mud. they had to use wooden planks and a rescue box to pull him out. he is expected to be okay.
4:49 pm
south dakota. animals on the hind leagues and beating each other with the hooves. the deer don't usually get hirhurt. it ended when the deer on the right croshed in the bleachers and they both took off running. and the mother slapped with handcuffs for slapping someone's kid. >> to be honest, i don'tut put my hand oz my child and i will not let anybody else do it. what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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>> woo like to check in with our fox affiliates around the country to see if they are
4:53 pm
working on anything that stands out. we go to south carolina for a story that caught my eye. a woman in trouble after hitting a child that she thought was her own and he wasn't. here is the story in the fox affiliate. >> this is so bizarre i will let the mother start. i wanted slap her (bleep). >> shelly williams is upset and we got her to calm down to tell us why. >> i don't put my hand oz my child and i don't let anyone else to do it. >> she had to pick up her sick son aaron who is wearing a mask so he will not spread germings. >> he said he was slapped. >> confused she demanded answers. i am like what is going on? >> deputiesmented to know, too . companied a woman after they
4:54 pm
say she slapped aaron because she thought it her son. >> how did she get it mixed up with her child. >> it happened when aaron employees waiting with his head down. according to the incident when collier realized what she did she apologized to aaron and then walked over to her son and slapped him in the face and head and knocked him down to the ground. >> her child doesn't look like hers and size. >> deputies slapped collier with several warn abts and charged her with assault and battery and disturbing a school. aaron answered this. >> bad. >> and shelly williams said it is a good thing deputies are handling the slap attack. >> wow. slap attack. >> that jennifer philips fox
4:55 pm
affiliate. we understand the little boy will be just find. that is good. >> people lined up in oklahoma to see if they were exposed to hepatitis c and hiv after a local dentist was accused of unsan tarry practice. you may not know his name but you know his. a legend in the song world died today. we'll tell you about him after the break . here is a hit from one . albums he produced. ♪ ♪ [ singing ] oh this is soft.
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produced by phil ramon. ramon died today in new york. he worked with so many topartsist and too many to list. his collaboration credits include paul simon sang a record that ramon produced to win album of the year. one of 14 he won in his year. ram mone was the pope of pop. he was 72. a lot of people crazy for his music. recapping a fox headline affecting thousands of people in oklahoma. if you are just joining us. the health department is screening dental patients. it began with long lines and they went to an oral surgeon accused of unsan tarry practice and one of the patients tested positive for the hiv. anyone who was a patient of dr. w. scott
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